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Lirik Lagu Gembira Hidup Ini - Farah AF2

Song / Lagu : Gembira Hidup Ini by Farrah AF2

Lyrics / Lirik Gembira Hidup Ini :

Uhh.. yeahh, yeahh

Disini kunyatakan semua
Cerita kehidupanku
Telah tempuhi hidup yang sukar ku terima

Tapi ku mampu laluinya
Merempuh suka dan duka
Dengan tenang hati ku telan pahit manis kehidupan

Ku tak mampu
Halangi semua
Pasti ku hampa

Ku tak bersedia
Akan ku pulang ke asal ku
Tapi ku tak rela

Kerna ku sorang manusia
Yang tak suka pada duka
Kerna ku saying gembira
Gembirakan hidup ini

Kerna ku tahu inginku
Apa yang aku inginkan
Akan ku capai segala
Segala yang diinginkan
Demi kehidupanku

Watch Farah AF2 performing during Kayangan film promotion - singing Gembira Hidup Ini

This song is an OST of Kayangan the movie (2007).

Farah AF2, I consider her okay. Sorry guys, it's not that I am against her or anything, this is just purely my sincere opinion. For me, her live performance nowadays are just not as great as during her Akademi Fantasia showmanship. I observed her during her Muzik-muzik performance with Adam (also AF2). Her singing it's just disappointing. Her pitching problem was so obvious (maybe she had soar throat, so sorry for the misjudging). However, I do hope that her singing improves over time. I know she has many fans that still loyally supports her. I wish her the best of luck to her in her singing career.

Gembira Hidup Ini - Farah AF2